(May 2nd) : We are happy to announce that we’ve established a partnership with DHL logistics. We are now shipping again to all destinations (except Russia*). 

Because of suspensions, disruptions and delays to a number of countries using Japan Post, we will only be shipping by DHL Express until the postal system supply chain normalises and becomes reliable again. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

*We apologise to our customers in Russia, there is currently no shipping option available. We are still working on a potential solution. 

  • Unfortunately we have experienced significant delays to shipments sent between 28th March and 23rd April to the U.S.A.
  • Packages shipped in this time frame are severely backlogged and awaiting shipment from Osaka International Airport. This affects packages sent both by our Standard Shipping method (ePacket), and EMS registered mail.
  • We’ve repeatedly been in contact with Japan Post regarding the situation. The only information they can provide is that there are significant delays due to a reduction of flights between the countries. Additionally, priority has been given to essential cargo like medical supplies etc.
  • Delays were first estimated to be around 1-2 weeks, but unfortunately this has been extended to several weeks or more. The situation is ever changing and evolving due to the unprecedented disruptions caused by the pandemic.
  • We please ask for patience and understanding from our customers, as this matter is out of our control. At the time we shipped packages, there were no restrictions or suspensions on shipments to the U.S.A. An official suspension has now been instigated as of 23rd April 2020.
  • The most recent information from Japan Post is that these packages will eventually be shipped as the backlog is cleared. We are very sorry, but we have no solid information or estimate when this might occur. Again, we please ask for, and thank you for your patience.

**UPDATE (May 14th): We have officially requested (via Japan Post) that remaining packages stuck in a backlog awaiting transport be returned to us. When (or if) we receive the packages back, we will ship immediately by DHL Express. As a courtesy and thank you for your patience, we are happy to pay the extra shipping fees associated with upgrading to express courier. We hope to get all packages back, and will do our best to deliver them to customers. Thank you again for your patience.

**UPDATE (May 7th): Shipments to the east coast of the U.S.A. have started clearing and leaving Japan – both EMS & ePacket (Standard Shipping Method). Further positive signs that the backlog is slowly starting to clear.

**UPDATE (April 23rd): The first of EMS packages shipped late March have finally started leaving Osaka for the U.S.A. We hope all packages will slowly start to clear the backlog. Thank you again for your patience.

  • We offer cancellation and a full refund for any orders that have not yet been shipped.
  • Packages that have been shipped that are being held in a backlog are still en route, and unfortunately we can’t offer refunds at this time. We ask for your patience until there is a resolution. Either the packages will clear the backlog (they have started to as of 23rd April), or they might be returned to sender, at which point we can explore other options.

Again, we please ask for your patience as this situation is complex and ever evolving. We’ll attempt to communicate any updates as best we can.

Please contact us if you have any further questions.


Best regards, Yuko & the team at Koto Tea