Ceramic Studio

Nankei is a family run Ceramic House based in Yokkaichi City in Mie Prefecture.

They specialise in ‘Bankoyaki’ style pottery, with their signature products being ‘Kyusu’ teapots.

Their history dates back to 1940, and Nankei was officially opened in 1972 by brothers Hiroshi & Yoshihiko Araki.

All Nankei products are hand made by specialist Artisans.

Their teapots are made from clay which is high in iron content. Iron is considered to enhance and mellow the flavour of Japanese Green Tea.

They don’t glaze this inside of their teapots to promote this effect.

Their teapot are made of 4 parts which are crafted separately by specialist artisans.

They come together using the Artisan’s intuition considering humidity, angle position etc, to produce a perfectly balanced teapot made with exacting skill.

By Nankei Ceramics:
Artisan - Nankei Ceramics
Artisan - Nankei Ceramics
Artisan - Nankei Ceramics