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80 Hondate Chasen & Ceremonial Matcha Kit

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Ceremonial Grade

The enriched sweet flavour and aroma of this special matcha powder make it perfect for experienced tea drinkers, and for enthusiasts of the tea ceremony and Japanese culture. Those who have experienced quality matcha in Japan, and those who wish to, will appreciate our Ceremonial Grade matcha powder.

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80 Hondate Chasen - Tango Tanimura

This 80 pronged Chasen has been hand made by 20th generation Master Bamboo Whisk Craftsman Tango Tanimura. Sculpted from a single piece of white Hachiku bamboo that has air dried for around 3 years. It is designed for preparing Thin Tea (Usucha), as the large number of thin tines/prongs whisk the tea efficiently into a smooth and even consistency. However it is a suitable all purpose Chasen.

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Chashaku - Tango Tanimura

This bamboo Chashaku (scoop) has been hand crafted by Master Craftsman Tango Tanimura. This 'Nakabushi' style Chashaku has a signature groove down the middle.

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This matcha kit is suited to those who enjoy drinking Usucha (regular thin tea), and appreciate the added quality of our Ceremonial Grade Matcha Powder.


All our matcha is organically grown in the Uji region of Kyoto, and all utensils are hand crafted by local artisans.




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