Chashaku ‘Shimitake’ – Tango Tanimura

Artisan - Tango Tanimura


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This bamboo Chashaku (scoop) has been hand crafted by Master Craftsman Tango Tanimura.


It is a ‘Shimitake’ style Chashaku, which translates as stained bamboo. This type of bamboo features uneven natural patterns and is much rarer than white bamboo, and therefore considered more valuable.


Designed to measure the desired amount of Matcha powder, this scoop adds functionality and pleasure to the ritual of your tea.


*Please note: as this is a natural product, colour & markings may differ slightly to the product pictured

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What our customers are saying:
  1. Denis (verified buyer)

    Excellent execution! Feel the craftmanship of this great artist. Delicate and elegant tea tool which you do not want to let go.

  2. Stephanie (verified buyer)

    This chashaku (tea scoop) was hafted by Master Tango Tanimura out of black bamboo.

    This is hand made by Master Tanimura himself using traditional methods and tools. The tea scoop is shaped in a way where it still keeps with the natural texture and flow of the black bamboo.

    I bought this chashaku to match my black bamboo chasen, Shin Kazuho, that was also handmade by Master Tanimura himself.

    When you hold it in your hand, you will know that it is no ordinary chashaku.

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