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Kazuho Chasen & Imperial Matcha Kit – Kubo Komakichi

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This Matcha Kit features our Ceremonial Grade Organic Matcha powder. It’s also features hand crafted Chasen (bamboo whisk) and Chashaku (bamboo scoop) by Japanese Artisan Kubo Komakichi.


The Chasen is an Kazuho type, and is best suited to preparing Usucha (regular thin tea), but is a good all purpose whisk.


  • Our Matcha is Certified Organic (USA & Japan)
  • Grown in Uji, Kyoto on a 150+ year old multi-generational farm
  • Radiation Free (our teas are regularly inspected for radiation)
  • Packaged in small batches for maximum freshness
  • Shipped direct from the source from Kyoto, Japan

**Please note: as bamboo is a natural product, colour & markings may differ slightly to the product pictured


Organic Matcha - Imperial Grade

For the discerning matcha tea drinker, and those who want to experience the complex and rich taste of the highest quality matcha. The most supple of fresh tea leaves are carefully selected and ground into a vibrant green powder. The grassy creaminess of this matcha is ideal for both Koicha (thick tea) and Usucha (thin tea).

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Kazuho Chasen – Kubo Komakichi

This Kazuho Chasen has been hand sculpted by Master Bamboo Whisk Craftsman Kubo Komakichi. It is designed for preparing Thin Tea (Usucha), as the large number of thin tines/prongs whisk the tea efficiently into a smooth and even consistency. However it is a suitable all purpose Chasen.

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Chashaku 'Nakabushi' White Bamboo – Kubo Komakichi

This bamboo Chashaku (scoop) has been hand crafted by Master Craftsman Kubo Komakichi. It is made from white Hachiku bamboo, and is a 'Nakabushi' style Chashaku with a signature groove down the middle.

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