Kazuho Chasen – Sabun Kubo

Artisan - Sabun Kubo

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This 80 prong Chasen has been hand sculpted by Master Bamboo Whisk Craftsman Sabun Kubo. Crafted from a single piece of white Hachiku bamboo that has been seasoned for 2-3 years, this special utensil is ideal for everyday use to whisk an even and silky foam on the surface of your matcha tea.


It is designed for preparing Thin Tea (Usucha), as the large number of thin tines/prongs whisk the tea efficiently into a smooth and even consistency. However it is a suitable all purpose Chasen.


  • Designed for the Urasenke style of Tea Ceremony
  • Suited for Usucha (thin tea), but a good all purpose whisk
  • Length approx. 11cm
  • Hand made in Takayama, Nara, Japan



  1. Mansinthemarc

    Quality of a Japanese Handmade Chasen is way above of cheap Chinese one.
    The bamboo is of good quality , Air dried for 2-3 years. More durable than a Chinese Chasen and well worth the Money.

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