Organic Matcha – Ceremonial Grade

Organic Matcha Powder - 30g


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The enriched sweet flavour and aroma of this special matcha powder make it perfect for experienced tea drinkers, and for enthusiasts of the tea ceremony and Japanese culture. Those who have experienced quality matcha in Japan, and those who wish to, will appreciate our Ceremonial Grade matcha powder.


  • Certified Organic (USA & Japan)
  • Grown in Uji, Kyoto on a 150+ year old multi-generational farm
  • Radiation Free (our teas are regularly inspected for radiation)
  • Packaged in small batches for maximum freshness
  • Shipped direct from the source from Kyoto, Japan


  • Cultivar:  Yabukita & Komakage
  • Weight:  30g / 1.062oz


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  1. Jake (verified buyer)

    After trying different brands of matcha I eventually bought some from KOTO tea. I didn’t know what to expect, but it came from Uji, which I had visited and I knew about its history of tea making, so I hoped it would be amazing. I was not disappointed. Bright green, mild in taste, nicely packaged, with clear instructions on how to prepare it and affordable, KOTO Tea’s matcha has become my favorite. I don’t need to look anywhere else anymore for a real taste of Japanese matcha.

  2. Stephanie (verified buyer)

    This matcha has a light, well-balanced flavor with some astringency. I had Koto Tea’s Imperial Grade Matcha before and that one is bold, rich, full-bodied with very high umami.

    On the other hand, this Ceremonial Grade matcha has slight bitter forward note that quickly dissipates into a light mellow vegetal taste that spreads in the palate.

    In my opinion, this is a sign of good quality matcha that is more suitable as thin tea (usucha) versus thick tea (koicha). One can still make thick tea out of this Ceremonial Grade matcha, but it will have a more astringent vegetal forenote (which can be overwhelming to the novice) than rich bold umami.

    The color of the powder is bright green and the scent is grassy vegetal.

    Moreover, the finishing notes of this matcha had a very light umami; it did not linger very long in the mouth and throat unlike the Imperial Grade’s bold full-bodied umami flavor. This is not a bad thing since it is the characteristic of this particular grade of tea.

    This Ceremonial Grade matcha pairs well with sweets like Ohigashi, mochi, or manju as the light and mellow taste is emphasized by the sweets.

    The flavor of this Ceremonial Grade matcha is a good starting point for those who are new to matcha as it is well-balanced and light.

    Highly recommended!

  3. Arnaud S. (verified buyer)

    As a regular Japanese tea drinker, and especially matcha, I’ve tried so many teas from different farms and companies, but this matcha is special! No comparison to any other organic matcha I’ve tried.

    When you first open the package the fresh, grassy smell is delightful. There is no bitterness and just the right amount of ‘umami’ and sweetness. It’s not the most bold flavour, but well balanced, creamy and very easy to drink.

    Only tried as Usucha so far, but I’m sure it would be suitable for Koicha as well. Can’t wait to try Koto’s Imperial Grade next!

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