Organic Matcha – Imperial Grade

Organic Matcha Powder - 30g


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For the discerning matcha tea drinker, and those who want to experience the complex and rich taste of the highest quality matcha. The most supple of fresh tea leaves are carefully selected and ground into a vibrant green powder. The grassy creaminess of this matcha is ideal for both Koicha (thick tea) and Usucha (thin tea).


  • Certified Organic (USA & Japan)
  • Grown in Uji, Kyoto on a 150+ year old multi-generational farm
  • Radiation Free (our teas are regularly inspected for radiation)
  • Packaged in small batches for maximum freshness
  • Shipped direct from the source from Kyoto, Japan


  • Cultivar:  Yabukita & Komakage
  • Weight:  30g / 1.062oz


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What our customers are saying:
  1. Kevin Brandenburg (verified buyer)

    I definitely agree with the prior reviews. The Koto Tea Imperial grade matcha far exceeded my expectations as i did not expect such a rich flavor. I found the powder to be a vibrant green, the flavor bold with a grassy smell/taste, and finished with smooth creamy texture. The packaging is in a resealable metallic gold opaque bag that kept the powder fresh after opening. I enjoyed the matcha so much i quickly went through the entire bag in a short time, but have the ceremonial and premium grade that us the same packaging and they have kept their freshness. I was expecting to drink the Imperial grade as a treat maybe twice a week, but could not stop after the first bowl. I kept making excuses as to why i should have another bowl! The price is accurate for this premium tea and the low cost of shipping from Kyoto to New York makes it a bargain. I will be purchasing the Imperial grade again.

    I also want to pass a comment on the Koto Tea team – their service and professionalism is unique in todays marketplace and i think it is worth noting their excellence. Also, the personalized notes always put a smile on my face and is a classy gesture.

  2. Hayden Strange (verified buyer)

    I recently purchased this Macha Tea online, the site was easy to use and the delivery was fast and with the tea came some interesting information about the tea and history of the reagon.
    I purchased the Highest of the 3 grades on offer and am very happy. It was very smooth with a nice strong taste , no bitter after taste or gritty residue at the end.
    I would happily purchase this tea again.

  3. Stephanie (verified buyer)

    I bought this matcha because I wanted to try the highest grade organic matcha out there and Koto Tea’s Imperial Grade matcha is something I wanted to try.

    First is the packaging: It is a superior package design which protects and keeps the matcha powder fresh. This is something I look for when I order matcha, and Koto Tea is a relatively new company, but they made sure that their product’s quality is completely protected by using packaging materials that completely seals the air out. This prevents the oxidation process than compromises the quality of matcha.

    Second: The matcha itself. It is Certified Organic by JONA and USDA as well as Imperial Grade, meaning it is the highest grade matcha that is suitable for Tea Ceremony.

    This product not only met my expectations but surely surpassed it. The color is is bright green, which is the sign of FRESH matcha. The flavor is also consistent with high-grade matcha, which does not have bitterness. The flavor is rich in umami (sweet grassy) and texture is smooth velvety taste that leaves a pleasant clean finish that lingers in the mouth and throat.

    The color of the matcha when hot water is added is also a deep green, similar to the color of emeralds. When it is whisked into a froth, the strength of the aroma is pleasantly strong and fragrant, which is what I also look for in high grade matcha.

    Overall I rate this organic Imperial Grade matcha 5 stars!

  4. Charles E Goulart (verified buyer)

    This matcha has a great flavor with no bitterness. I would recommend trying this product as it would be a good benchmark from which to judge any other !!!

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