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Matcha Starter Kit – Imperial Grade

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Our Starter Kits are perfect for beginners to matcha and the tea ceremony. It’s also for those who want to take their matcha ritual to the next level, by introducing quality utensils to prepare matcha in the traditional way.


This starter kit includes our Organic Imperial Grade Matcha powder, and hand crafted Chasen (bamboo whisk) and Chashaku (bamboo scoop) by Japanese Artisan Sabun Kubo.


  • Our Matcha is Certified Organic (USA & Japan)
  • Grown in Uji, Kyoto on a 150+ year old multi-generational farm
  • Radiation Free (our teas are regularly inspected for radiation)
  • Packaged in small batches for maximum freshness
  • Shipped direct from the source from Kyoto, Japan



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