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Finished with unique red coloured string, this 70 prong Chasen has been hand made by 20th generation Master Bamboo Whisk Craftsman Tango Tanimura. His family’s history of crafting Chasen even predates the famous Sen no-Rikyu, renowned as father of the three major Japanese tea schools.


Sculpted from rare black Hachiku bamboo that has been seasoned for around 3 years, this beautiful implement is designed for those practicing the Omotesenke style of tea ceremony, or anyone who wants an even and silky foam on the surface of their matcha tea.

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  1. VadimK (verified buyer)

    I think the Shin Kazuho ones are really the best one to use for making matcha and specially this one from Tango Tanimura where you can feel craftsmanship when holding it.

    As far as design, I have used in the past a 100 Hondate Chasen and couldn’t be more pleased with this Shin-Kazuho design. it’s much lighter, stronger and the fact that the tips are less curved makes it really easy to have a smooth foam without big bubbles on it.

    I can’t speak for the other Chasen artisan but i am sure they are as great as all handmade if you can’t find this one from Tango Tanimura but it’s really worth trying this design if you’ve never had.. You’ll definitely enjoy even more the whisking part.

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