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This ‘Dongree-dobin’ teapot is a signature design of Yokkaichi based ceramic studio Nankei.


It is made from 100% clay (apart from the bamboo handle) which is high in iron content. Iron is considered to enhance and mellow the flavour of Japanese Green Tea.


The teapot is crafted by specialist artisans to produce a perfectly balanced teapot made with exacting skill.


The modern, yet classic design of this teapot makes it suitable for any interior or taste.


Capacity: 400ml (good for 3-4 cups of tea)


Size (Approx): Height 100mm / Diameter 95mm / Handle) 95mm

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  1. Greg (verified buyer)

    This is a very nicely made teapot. You can tell great care was used in making it. It definitely helps remove some of the bitterness I have experienced before with green teas. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys green tea.

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