24th Generation Master

Master Craftsman Sabun Kubo is the 24th generation of his family to master the art of hand sculpting Chasen. Kubo san’s skills and family tradition have been recognised and commended by the Japanese Government. His work has also been exhibited at the famous Louvre Museum in Paris.


We currently have a special black bamboo range of his Chasen (whisk) and Chashaku (scoop) available. The ‘Ooaraho’ Chasen has thick, strong tines/prongs designed for Koicha (thick tea), and ‘Shin Kazuho’ Chasen is a good all purpose whisk for Koicha and Usucha (thin tea). They are both made of rare and natural black bamboo.


We also have ’Shimitake’ Chashaku which translates a ‘stained bamboo’. It is made from rare bamboo that has natural markings and is therefore considered more valuable. Also ’Susudake’ Chashaku which is made from bamboo that has been exposed over a fireplace or hearth in a traditional Japanese home to produce it’s unique colour and markings. This coloration process can take over one hundred years, and even hundreds of years.


We also have a unique ‘Nagara’ tea kit by Kubo-san that has been exhibited in Paris and New York and is a signature product of his.

By Sabun Kubo: