Tomomi Oguni & Eriko Matsunaga

Artisanal Metalwork & Textiles

We are excited to introduce a collaboration between two talented artists who craft beautiful ‘Kashikiri’ dessert knives with custom sheaths. They are the work of Tomomi Oguni, a Metalworker from Kanagawa, and Eriko Matsunaga from Yamanashi, an expert in textiles and dyeing.


The Kashikiri knives come in three different finishes, brass, copper, and copper with a tinned blade, and they are paired with a ‘Saya’ sheath, each one unique. Their contemporary take on a traditional utensil is refined and sophisticated, and will be sure to add something special to your ritual of tea.


Metalwork & Accessories

Tomomi Oguni is a talented artist who works with a number of different materials including metals, wood, stone and plants.

Her training and background is in landscape design, but her talents extend to accessories, building furniture and flower arrangement. She now works from her own studio in Kamakura.

Her signature accessory are these beautiful hand crafted Kashikiri dessert knives with polished blades and hammered handle. They are made from brass, copper, and finally copper with tinned blade which produces a beautiful contrast.


Textiles & Dyeing

Eriko Matsunaga is a Dyeing and Textiles Artisan producing work in her own studio in Yamanashi.

She specialises in a traditional Japanese dying technique called Katagami which uses intricate stencils made from Japanese ‘Washi’ paper.

The technique has been dedicated an ‘Important Intangible Cultural Property of Japan’ with artists like Eriko keeping the tradition alive.

By Tomomi Oguni & Eriko Matsunaga: