Artisanal Metalwork & Accessories

Yoshiko Sakamoto is a Metalwork and Accessories Artisan from the Akita region of Japan. After graduating from the Akita Arts and Crafts College, she underwent apprenticeships in forging, engraving and copper work.


She produces a variety of jewelry, accessories and home wares made with various metals including brass and copper. She has produced these beautiful ‘Chasaji’ Tea Scoops for Koto Tea, and we are proud to be offering her work.


Artisanal Metalwork & Accessories

To produce each scoop, first the brass or copper plate is trimmed to the shape of the tea scoop using special shears.

The edges are then filed and sanded until smooth.

The plate is then heated using the fire from a burner to make it malleable.

The plate is then placed on a wooden base featuring a depression, then hit with a mallet to form the shape of the scoop.

The back side of the scoop is then tapped with a hammer to form texture.

A grinder is then used to refine the edges of the scoop.

Copper scoops undergo a sulfurisation process to give them colour (they will have a brown or black finish depending on the length of the process).

Finally, the scoops are finished with a layer of beeswax to protect them.

By Yoshiko Sakamoto: